For this project, we recreated a 3d version of Glendalough, a very famous Irish historical site.

As a first step we visited the site and took a lot of reference pictures that we would use later to shape the terrain and position relevant elements (like the waterfall, the church, the cemetery, etc.). The initial idea was to rebuild the environment and then add a small adventure game, but alas we didn’t have time for that. Here’s the presentation video we made at the end of the project:

I was chosen as lead developer for this project. We used the CryEngine 3 to develop it, and although the graphics you can get are amazing, it was a nightmare to version the various builds and have more people working on it at the same time. As a solution, someone would have the latest build and do work on it (shape the terrain, add models, etc.) while the others would prepare their work and add it to the build later on.

We used a scrum-like approach, where we would have periodic iterations; once an iteration was done, we would evaluate it and decide what we needed to do next.

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