Don’t listen

2022 update: I still try to follow this advice, but I no longer think of doing interesting or challenging projects just for the sake of getting a job. It’s also true that I am now more mature and confident developer. Make of it what you will :)

A lot of successful people say they wish they hadn’t worked so hard if they were to do it again. While it sounds like good advice, it’s probably their original attitude that made them stand out and be where they are now. Today there is more competition than ever, so you might have to work even harder to reach the same place. Unless you don’t. Work smarter, you won’t stand out if you’re doing what everyone else is doing. Yes it’s scary, yes it might not work and yes you might be the only one on the road. But it will be worth doing. Even if the outcome is failure, you will have learned so much more than strolling along the beaten path. And you might encounter another wanderer who will help in your next adventure.

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